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Banking & Financial Services: Asset Management, Banking, Institutional Financial Service, Consumer Finance
AEON Credit Service (Asia) (00900.HK) Emperor International Holdings (00163.HK)
Bank of Communications (03328.HK) Goldin Financial Holdings (00530.HK)
China Construction Bank Corporation (00939.HK) Heritage International Holdings (00412.HK)
CIAM Group (00378.HK) SEA Holdings (00251.HK)
Emperor Capital Group (00717.HK) Sun Hung Kai & Company (00086.HK)
Consumer & Retail: Distributor, Retailer, Wholesaler, E-Commerce
Boshiwa International Holding (01698.HK) Luk Fook Holdings (International) (00590.HK)
China Financial Services Holdings (00605.HK) Man Wah Holdings (01999.HK)
Dah Chong Hong Holdings (01828.HK) Oriental Watch Holdings (00398.HK)
Giordano International (00709.HK) SJM Holdings (00880.HK)
Great Eagle Holdings (00041.HK) The Sincere (00244.HK)
Engineering & Manufacturing: Apparel & Textile Product, Food, Household Product, Machinery
Bawang International Group Holding (01338.HK) Shenzhen International Holdings (00152.HK)
China Merchants Holdings (International) (00144.HK) Stella International Holdings (01836.HK)
China Metal Recycling (Holdings) (00773.HK) Techtronic Industries (00669.HK)
CPMC Holdings (00906.HK) Want Want China Holdings (00151.HK)
Kingboard Chemical Holdings (00148.HK) Xinyi Glass Holdings (00868.HK)
Mineral & Energy: Base Metal, Precious Metal, Oil, Gas & Coal, Renewable Energy
APAC Resources (01104.HK) CST Mining Group (00985.HK)
Brightoil Petroleum (Holdings) (00933.HK) G-Resources Group (01051.HK)
China High Speed Transmission Equipment Grp (00658.HK) Hidili Industry International Development (01393.HK)
China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (00386.HK) Jinchuan Group International Resources (02362.HK)
China Singyes Solar Technologies Holdings (00750.HK) Strong Petrochemical Holdings (00852.HK)
Real Estate: Building Contractor, Constructor, Owner, Developer
China Overseas Grand Oceans Group (00081.HK) Longfor Properties (00960.HK)
China Overseas Land & Investment (00688.HK) Shanghai Industrial Holdings (00363.HK)
China State Construction International Holdings (03311.HK) Shenzhen Investment (00604.HK)
Glorious Property Holdings (00845.HK) Shimao Property Holdings (00813.HK)
Goldin Properties Holdings (00283.HK) Yuexiu Property (00123.HK)
IT & Technology: Consumer Electronics, Electronics Component, Application Software, IT Service
APT Satellite Holdings (01045.HK) Inspur International (00596.HK)
China All Access (Holdings) (00633.HK) Kingboard Laminates Holdings (01888.HK)
Chinasoft International (00354.HK) Skyworth Digital Holdings (00751.HK)
Elec & Eltek International (01151.HK) TCL Multimedia Technology Holdings (01070.HK)
Guoguang Electric (002045.SHE) Tongda Group Holdings (00698.HK)
Others: Chemicals, Health Care, Utilities, Waste Management
Beijing Enterprises Water Group (00371.HK) Orange Sky Golden Harvest Entertainment Hld (01132.HK)
China Everbright International (00257.HK) Pak Fah Yeow International (00239.HK)
China Forestry Holdings (00930.HK) Sateri Holdings (01768.HK)
China Gas Holdings (00384.HK) Shangdong Weigao Group Medical Polymer (01066.HK)
Media Asia Group Holdings (08075.HK) Shanxi Zhangze Electric Power (000767.SHE)

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