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Environmental, Social and Governance ("ESG") Reporting  

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GCA is well-positioned to assist companies in developing their ESG Report, building the roadmap necessary to make reporting efficient in the future and advising on the latest sustainability trends and developments. We provide a range of services on sustainability reporting, including:

  1. Stakeholder Engagement
    We help you engage the stakeholders, conduct materiality assessment, review the sustainability status and conclude their expectation on environmental issues and social development of the enterprise in order to help you make modification accordingly and gain long-term profits.

  2. ESG Reporting and Disclosure
    We provide guidance on ESG-related data collection, identify ways of improvement on data reporting, advise on the development of reporting framework, assist in drafting the content of ESG report in compliance with HKEx ESG Reporting Guide and with reference to the GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines to ensure that the expectations of stakeholders are addressed.

  3. Carbon Audit and Management
    We help you calculate carbon emission so that you have a detailed understanding of the yearly carbon footprint of the company and could make offset plan to reduce carbon emission. We also provide independent review services of the carbon emission calculation if the ESG report is performed by your in-house reporting team.

  4. Sustainable ESG Reporting System Building
    Based on the disclosure of the environment-related issues of the clients including emissions, use of resources and the environmental and natural resources, our professionals will give specific advices on energy conservation and emission reduction accordingly, and help you build a sustainable development system.

  5. Employee Management, Supply Chain Improvement and Risk Management
    By understanding the employment and labour practices, supply chain management and product responsibility of the company, we tailor plans of internal management for you which not only contribute to the optimisation of your management, but also address supply chain and products risks especially related to the environmental and social issues.

  6. Effective Communication with Institutional Investors
    We have good connection with institutional investors, thus can help you deal with institutional investors on ESG enquiry if necessary.

  7. Report Assurance
    We are experienced in delivering assurance service for listed companies especially those in Hong Kong and our assurance statement can enhance accountability and confidence in your ESG report. The related services are provided over the agreed-upon scope and procedures with the management.

  8. ESG Online Data
    We build online platform for you to manage your original data and information disclosed in the ESG report over the years, so that you can improve the report by checking and comparing your past performance.

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